A chinese wearable device manufacturer Zepp raised 15 million USD in funding round

A chinese startup Zepp focuses on wearable sports gadgets raising 15 million usd funding in the latest round  by GGV Capital,Legend Capital,Bertelsmann and Cherubic Ventures. Zepp wearable devices maily focus on helping sports athletes improve performance by collecting sophisticated data inluding speed,strength,track and also assist in coaching. Goldsense is very killer product under Zepp compnay […]

SegmentFault raises millions of RMB funding -Chinese version Stackoverflow

      [avatar user=”johnw” size=”medium” align=”left”]attorneyinchina@foxmail.com[/avatar] SegmentFault is online  question and answer site for programmers and developers in China and was initially launched in June,2012. The Seed  A round funding is led by Zhejiang newspaper DreamWorks venture capital and IDG.  It’s new version of Stackoverflow,but it has built in blogging platform for users apart from question&answer columns. […]

Taodangwang – connects offline pawnshops with online borrowers

  [avatar user=”johnw” size=”original” align=”left” link=”http://www.divorceinchina.com/about/” target=”_blank”] There are currently 8000 pawnshops all over china and it’s a very easy people to get cash. Due to regulations from Chinese goverment, there is no big players in this business.Also, different Pawnshop appraisers determine an item’s value differently. Taodangwang aims to break the gap and let the […]

Copy to China Startups in Beijing

 Copy to China from Silicon Valley It is very common the Chinese IT companies can move beyond simple copying and localization into more innovation. Chinese companies or startups focus on domestic market and very few startups will expand overseas. But there is a trend  from the mobile internet startups and they nomally release oversea version […]