Getting divorced in China-Divorce in China

 Divorce is a painful experience for everyone especially if you are in a foreign country. This post will give you a rough picture of how to get a divorce in China and It may not cover every possible detail.   Basic rules to get a divorce in China   The first question pops up […]

How to buy a house or apartment in China?

Many expats and foreigners are now working in China and some of them want to land in China. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou are the most popular cities for Foreigners in China and The chinese real estate market is very promising and sound. It is believed that the housing market is continuing to soar in the […]

How to find a divorce lawyer in china

China is a big country and there are many lawyers available in China. I have got many emails  from foreigners or expats in China about the divorce in China. The intermarriage between Chinese and expats are increasing very fast in the last ten years. The intermarriage is very fragile and easily to broken up in […]

Splitting real estate in divorce in China-How to divide property in a divorce

  [avatar user=”johnw” size=”medium” align=”left” link=””][/avatar] Recently I received an email from a foreigner D from Beijing and he was considering a divorce with his Chinese Wife. D married his Chinese spouse (Changchun) on 14-06-2007 and had been breadwinner from the moment he got married. Their real estate registered on his Chinese spouse, which she […]

Things to know to get divorced in China

It will be a little complicated for foreigners in China to get divorced 1.If you and your wife are married in china, you can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get divorce by agreement. It only takes a day.  You will be required to be present along with your wife at the Civil Affairs […]

How to pay Child Support In China

Every man loves his son or daugther and is willing to pay Child support for them. If you get devorce in China, how much should you pay? According to Chinese divorce law, 20% of your income will have to go to child support and the best part to get divorce in china is there is […]

How to divorce in China

Who can get divorced in China?  There are three main categories of married couples that can get divorced in China. Firstly, a Chinese citizen married to another Chinese citizen can get divorced in China, even if the couple do not live in China. Secondly, foreign citizens married to Chinese citizens may get divorced in China, […]