25 ITC complaints against Chinese Companies in the beginning of 2014

[avatar user=”johnw” size=”medium” align=”left”] I just visited the ITC website and see a long pending list of complaints against Chinese Companies. Chinese companies will take up half of the current pending list on ITC website. Most complaints are in ICT sector. Chinese companies are growing very fast and now  are trying to acquire market share […]

Chinese court rules that US IT Company abused its dominant position in China despite having no domicile in China

Source by eversheds.com   Summary A Chinese court has recently fined a US based IT and Telecoms company for abusing its dominant market position in relation to the licensing of patents for 3G wireless communication devices. The decision underlines the increasingly forceful approach adopted by Chinese courts and enforcement bodies in both anti-monopoly investigations and litigation […]

Johnson Johnson‘s OneTouch trademark revoked by Chinese Trademark Office

    Johnson Johnson‘s Glucose Test Strips Trademark OneTouch was ruled invalid by Chinese Trademark office today and A 7 years  long  trademark dispute  is temporarily rosovled. ONE TOUCH and ONETOUCH was registered by two companies seperately. ONE TOUCH was registered by ZhongHui Technology in 2000 and ONETOUCH was registered by Johnson Johnson in 2004. What’s the difference […]

8 Key Revisions to Chinese Trademark Law

  China has long been criticized for lame intellectual property protection and being a haven for piracy. With all presures aboad and  demestic, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress finally revised the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China on August 30, 2013 to improve the efficiency of applying for or contesting trademark registrations, […]

Trading in shares of Sinovel Wind Group Company suspended

Shanghai Stock Exchange announces Trading in shares of Sinovel Wind Group Company is suspended today and Pointed out Sinovel failed to report significent issues according to public company disclosure requirements. It will be suspended for a day and reopen tomorrow. Sinovel is in serious crisis and confronted with collapse According to a report:Sinovel has shut […]

Trademark Priority of Use in China

The Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) The Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) is an international agreement administered by the World Trade Organization (WTO). China has joined WTO since 2003 and TRIPS becomes China domestic law. China has adopted TRIPS princibles and rules and incooperate them […]

Responding to DMCA Notice or Complaints

Choose the right Internet Service Providers You are likely to receive DMCA Notice or Complaints from your  Competitors or similar websites if you are a blogger,app developer or market your own business via website. Responding to DMCA Notice is the first action you need to take in order to avoid website or page being taken down from Google, […]

How to file a patent lawsuit war against a Chinese Company

Pick the right company and stay away from small companies Small Companies are very easily to go bankrupt and they can’t afford to fight against you in court and they will try anything to avoid ligitation. Big companies are likely to fight back and you will  benifit from ligitation like brand and potential infringement damage […]