Tesla need a Partner if they want a factory in China

[avatar user=”johnw” align=”left” link=”www.divorceinchina.com/about/”]attorneyinchina@foxmail.com[/avatar] Due to the seriou smog problem in China, Clean energy electric cars will defnitely prevail in the Chinese  car market. Tesla  has good start in China and Chinese consumers are talking about Tesla on social medias. Also, Tesla has successfully resolved the trademark in China. They have take the trademark back […]

Tesla having trademark problem in China

[avatar user=”johnw” size=”medium” align=”left” link=”http://www.divorceinchina.com/about/” target=”_blank”]John W Attorney in China[/avatar] Tesla met trademark trouble in China. A lot of western companies have no idea of pretecting their trademarks from bad faith applications. Tesla Motors’ (TSLA) Trademark Problem In China: What Multinational Companies Can Learn From Tesla About Securing A Trademark On The Mainland Although China […]

Will you think about filling a trademark in China?

  [avatar user=”johnw” size=”medium” align=”left”] China Trademark Office Announced receiving 1.88 million applications, 14.5% higher than last year. Ironically , China is also second piracy notorious marktplace next to America.  According to China trademark Law, Only registered trademark will have protection from law and also China is a first to fill country which means you will […]