Quihoo Loses Unfair Competition Appeal Against Tencent

(source by bloomberg.com) Qihoo lost an appeal to China’s Supreme People’s Court against a ruling that it engaged in unfair competition against tencent, according to an official  tweet on microblogging site Sina Weibo. Qihoo made negative comments against the software and services of Tencent’s QQ instant messaging service, the court said. China’s top court is also considering […]

Tesla need a Partner if they want a factory in China

[avatar user=”johnw” align=”left” link=”www.divorceinchina.com/about/”]attorneyinchina@foxmail.com[/avatar] Due to the seriou smog problem in China, Clean energy electric cars will defnitely prevail in the Chinese  car market. Tesla  has good start in China and Chinese consumers are talking about Tesla on social medias. Also, Tesla has successfully resolved the trademark in China. They have take the trademark back […]

A chinese wearable device manufacturer Zepp raised 15 million USD in funding round

A chinese startup Zepp focuses on wearable sports gadgets raising 15 million usd funding in the latest round  by GGV Capital,Legend Capital,Bertelsmann and Cherubic Ventures. Zepp wearable devices maily focus on helping sports athletes improve performance by collecting sophisticated data inluding speed,strength,track and also assist in coaching. Goldsense is very killer product under Zepp compnay […]

Millions of Tecent mobile QQ users unable to sign in with QQ ios/andriod/wp clients

[avatar user=”johnw” size=”medium” align=”right” link=”www.divorceinchina.com/about/” target=”_blank”]attorneyinchina@foxmail.com[/avatar] Early this morning, many QQ users find they are unable to access to QQ mobile clients on their smart phones including Android,ios,windows phone. There is no such issue when they sign in with their QQ pc/mac client. Servers may encounter outages and Tecent is working on fixing the outages. Tencent […]