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In litigation, many divorces proceed through the following sequential steps. (Cases that are settled or resolved in mediation do not proceed to trial.) One of the chief hallmarks of China family law approach is caring about our clients. Our China divorce attorneys take the time at the front end to understand your needs and goals.

You can get a divorce either by agreement or litigation:

Divorce by agreement ( For those who get married in China)

A divorce by agreement is permitted where both parties to the marriage desire a divorce. In an agreed divorce the parties are generally free to negotiate child support payments, visitation and property division. If an agreement can be reached and the necessary legal formalities are met then a divorce certificate may be issued by the Marriage Registration Office. This process can often be completed very quickly. The rapid conclusion of a divorce by agreement can help to avoid the emotional strains of a protracted divorce. However, if an agreement is not reached by both parties on all the issues the divorce will need to be conducted through the courts.
If you get married not in China, then you can not get a divorce by agreement in China! 

Divorce by litigation

Where only one party desires a divorce the divorce must be conducted through the courts. A contentious divorce will only be granted by a court when one of following conditions is satisfied

No matter how you get divorced, I can walk you through the painful procedures.

 FAQ questions 

  1. If you marry a Chinese citizen , no matter where you guys get married, you can  file a divorce  suit against your wife or husband in China. 
  2. If you marry  non Chinese citizen in China, You can get divorce in china either by agreement or litigation(court).
  3. If you marry non Chinese Citizen out of China and your spouse lives in China, then you can get a divorce in China by filing a divorce suit in the court where your spouse lives. 
  4. Do I have to show up in the court if the court decide to hear the divorce case? Yeah, you have to show up to get a divorce unless you can submit proof to the court that you can not show up in the court. 
  5. How long will it take to get a divorce in China? Normally it will take 6-18 months. 
  6. How much does it cost to hire a lawyer in China? It will be around 50000 RMB to 200000 RBM depending on the properties and assets you have.
  7. what should I do if my wife or husband refuse to show up in the court? Yeah, this is the worst situation and the court may rule if you can prove that your wife or husband  do it on purpose.