How to buy a house or apartment in China?

Many expats and foreigners are now working in China and some of them want to land in China. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou are the most popular cities for Foreigners in China and The chinese real estate market is very promising and sound. It is believed that the housing market is continuing to soar in the near future.

Does China allow foreigners to buy a house or apartment in China?
Yeah, you can buy a house in China, but you will have to comply with a few rules in China:

Buy a house or apartment in China with Cash
1. You have worked or studied in China over a year
2. Legal residence in China with a valid passport

Buy a house or apartment in China with mortgage:

1.Valid Passport
2. Income status
3. Marriage status
4. Consent from you spouse
I just listed the basic rules above and for more detailed information, i will write another post next time.

For married couple, you can register the house or real estate under your names including you and your wife or husband. It will better protect your interest in the marriage and also the house purchased during the marriage is the common wealth.

When you get divorced, how to split the property or the house?
If it’s the common wealth, either of you can get the house but the one who get the house need to pay half value of the house to the other. The house will be evaluated by real estate appraisal agentcy.

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