How to find a Criminal Defense Lawyer or attorney in China

A lot of expats or foreigners right now live and work in China and you maybe have to deal with police everyday. If you face unfair charges or are being arrested in China, you will have to hire or entrust a defense lawyer or attorney to defend your legal right.

If you are under arrest, your friends or family can hire attorney or lawyer to visit you in the jail. Your friends or family wont be allowed to visit you unless being accompanied by a lawyer or an attorney. So if you commit crime or are arrested in China, Lawyer or attorney will be very important to your legal rights.


When can you hire a lawyer or attorney?

After you are interrogated for the first time or in the criminal coercive measures, you can hire or entrust a lawyer or attorney to defend your legal rights.


How does lawyer charge in China?

  • Visiting your friend or family member with a lawyer company in jail will cost about 2000 RMB.
  •  Bail: Getting Out of Jail After an Arrest normally cost you 5000 RMB
  • In the trial, Chinese defense counsels or attorneys will normally charge you by a fixed amount of fees from 50000-80000 RMB according to different levels of your crimes.
  • The defendant can also appeal to the senior court after the first trial in China and in this procedure, normally Counsels or lawyers will charge you around 2000-40000RMB.

I have worked with a few excellent defense counsels across in China but I am located in Beijing and Hebei province. If you are in need of an attorney or lawyer in China, please contact me and I can get you a good and affordable attorney in any major cities in China.

Since 2012, I have focused on helping foreign clients living and working in China. I have helped a lot of foreigners or expats in Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai and also other cities in China.





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