How to find a divorce lawyer in china

China is a big country and there are many lawyers available in China. I have got many emails  from foreigners or expats in China about the divorce in China. The intermarriage between Chinese and expats are increasing very fast in the last ten years. The intermarriage is very fragile and easily to broken up in the initail five years. Many foreigners or expats in China can’t speak Chinese well, and when they encounter divorce in China, they will need a divorce attorney.

The main problem is that where you can find a good English-Speaking Lawyer in a specific city. You can easily find English-Speaking Attornies in Big cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. But it’s very hard to find a good attoreny in rural places and coutryside.  But there will be alternative solution to that and you can find a lawyer in the capital of each province. As the capital city of each province, It will be easier to find one who can speak English and handle your case.

I have known a few English- Speaking lawyers  in many cities of China and if you are in need of a lawyer, please let me know and i can help you find one.


  1. I am having severe difficulties trying to obtain a divorce from my Chines wife who has left me and I have no idea where she is now residing. She does not answer emails or phone calls and she has the marriage certificates. I reside in UK.
    Thank you

    1. Hello,

      I have sent you an email and it’s gonna be very difficult under this situation.It will need more time to get the divorced finalized

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