Tesla need a Partner if they want a factory in China

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Due to the seriou smog problem in China, Clean energy electric cars will defnitely prevail in the Chinese  car market. Tesla  has good start in China and Chinese consumers are talking about Tesla on social medias. Also, Tesla has successfully resolved the trademark in China. They have take the trademark back from a business man in China and now they can use the chinese trademark in China. The chinese trademark is called Te Si La which the chinese translation of Tesla. Like i had wrote in another post, Tesla would definitely get the trademark in China. 0124_tesla_full_380

                                 Tesla having trademark problem in China

Right now Model S all-electric battery car  is  $81,070 in the United States but priced at $121,300 in China after shipping costs and import duty and other taxes. If they can build a local factory, the customer can get car subsidy from the goverment and makes tesla more even competive. Each electric car will be given about 10000 USD subsidy normally.

If they want to build a factory in China, they will have to find a partner in China according to the Chinese car industry policy.  Chinese electric car market will become the biggest market in the world.

Tesla may even build a factory in China–dodging those import tariffs and making the Model S even more affordable in an interview with Tesla Ceo Elon Musk.



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